We believe the Bible to be the true, accurate, and inspired word of God which is why the curriculum we use is Bible-based. Character training using Jesus Christ as our example, Scripture memorization, and weekly chapel also play vital roles in our education program as we seek to see and understand the world around us with a heavenly perspective.







We believe in providing education with integrity by eliminating learning gaps. Our admission of a diagnostic test allows us to help a child fill in any learning gaps he or she may have. We also require mastery of new concepts before progressing to new concepts. 


GRACE ACADEMY was obtained by Providence Intl. Church Ministries in 2015. Grace is now known as Providence Intl. Christian Academy DBA Grace Academy.

In 2020, Pastor Bill and Mrs Paula Schmidt, returned to the states and passed the operation of Grace Academy and the ministry of Providence Int'l Church Ministries to the Moyers.

GRACE ACADEMY is operated by Pastor Jason and Mrs. Michelle Moyer who together bring over 20  years worth of experience in the field of education.

GRACE ACADEMY is providing quality K4-12 grade education to students from Guam and English education to international students.




We believe that each child is created as a unique individual with special strengths, abilities, talents and needs. Because of this we tailor-make a learning plan of success for each and every child that will best serve his or her needs. Each child has the opportunity to move at a pace that is right for him with the active involvement of an educational professional who provides one-on-one assistance.


GRACE ACADEMY has bright plans for the near future including:

  • Expanded Fine Arts Academy with an emphasis in dance, drama, music, and art

  • Implementation of computer programming, robotics, and aquaponics in the near future

  • protocol and etiquette training (seasonal)

  • sending delegates to compete at International Student Convention in the mainland

We believe that there are 5 basic laws of a learner:


  1. Students must be at subject levels where they can perform.

  2. Students must set reasonable goals.

  3. Students must be controlled and motivated.

  4. Learning must be measurable.

  5. Learning must be rewarded.


These laws guide our entire academic program.


GRACE ACADEMY is a Bible-based international preparatory school serving K4-12 grades. We also accept international students of all ages seeking to learn English as another language for Winter and Summer Sessions. 


Our individualized program provides the freedom to children to learn at their own paces insuring that no one gets left behind and students wanting to work ahead are encouraged to do so.  


We provide a well-rounded education experience by promoting opportunities and excellence in academics, arts, and character development. 


GRACE ACADEMY is also a proud participant in International Student Convention held annually in the mainland. Students prepare all year long to represent Guam while competing with other students from around the globe in athletics, academics, and the arts. 

"Formed in the spirit of personal excellence, mastery learning and character development."







PROVIDENCE INTERNAATIONAL CHURCH MINISTRIES (PICM)  and Providence International Christian School (PICA)was founded on the island of Guam in 2007 by Pastor Bill and Mrs Paula Schmidt to minister the Gospel of Christ through education to families on Guam. Through moves of the school to  various locations and after a brief hiatus, PICA has settled in a more permanent location in Tamuning on the campus of Tamuning Christian Fellowship.



555 Governor Carlos Camacho Rd.

Tamuning, GU 96913


Tel: 671-477-2222
Cell: 671-487-6102 (Mrs. Moyer) Admin.

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