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Elementary Protocol & Etiquette Course

We are excited to offer a protocol & etiquette course July 18th-25th, 2016 with Certified Etiquette Coach, Abigail George, The George School of Protocol! Web:

Grace Students will receive a deep discounted rate for this amazing Protocol & Etiquette Course.

We believe that young children learn best through an immersion experience where they can see, touch, feel, hear, and best of all, taste! That's why 5 out of 6 of our elementary level etiquette lessons include delicious food!

We believe in providing quality, hands-on lessons that focus on the growth and development of the skills necessary for children to learn in order to communicate better, think of others instead of themselves, and present themselves with confidence.

Lastly we believe that children should be enchanted! That is why we spend hours in preparing beautiful table scapes and settings that draw them into this incredible journey of becoming their personal best.

Your Elementary Child Will Learn:

How to Meet New People and Introduce Others

Introducing ourselves is creating a first impression and we want that impression to be a good one! Children learn how to confidently make eye-contact, offer a firm handshake, speak audibly and clearly when introducing themselves.

They also learn how to introduce people who have not previously met, putting them at ease, confidently and in the correct order.

How to Dine

At each class children are greeted with enchanting table scapes that draw them into the lesson. These table scapes are changed from lesson to lesson and represent a different nationality each time. This creates a greater awareness of the world they live in.

Children are invited to make observations about what they see and share with the class. Seeing their faces light up at the sight and hearing about what stands out to them is truly a delightful experience!

Children learn how to eat finger foods and enjoy a formal, 5-course meal, using all of their utensils correctly, implementing courteous table behavior, and engaging in interesting conversation.

It is amazing to see how the children will sit gracefully, fully engaged in our full, 5-course formal dining experience on day 5 which often lasts an hour and a half or longer!

Children learn both the continental and zig-zag styles of dining.

How to Speak in Public

Did you know that more than ANYTHING else in the world, public speaking is the single most feared thing? Giving children an edge on this starting out is invaluable!

Children are asked to pick a country outside of the United States that they would like to present to the group during the 5-course meal on day 5.

This exercise is meant to expand the students' knowledge on the other countries in the world.

When each student stands in front of the group and give their presentation, the experience will help build their confidence when speaking to a large group.

Phone Etiquette and Safety

Children are helped to understand that the phone is not a toy, but a personal connection to the outside world for communication, emergency situations, and business.

Together we'll recount a true story of how a little boy helped his injured mother by keeping his cool and calling 9-1-1 after learning about telephone etiquette and safety at his local etiquette class.

How to Write Thank You Notes and Show Appreciation

We believe it is so important to teach children how to be appreciative of the special things others do for and give them. Writing thank-you notes is a tangible way children can show gratitude.

We'll cover the correct format for writing a thank-you note and talk about when a thank-you note is warranted.

Ending Well

Because we believe it is so important to recognize the good efforts put forth by children and to affirm positive qualities, we provide children with the chance to share what they have learned throughout the course and receive a certificate of completion at a special gathering in front of you their parents.

This certificate will serve to remind them of all they learned and encourage them to continue to strive to be their personal best.

Mrs. Abigail George teaching a course for Duke University.

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