GRACE ACADEMY is truly unique in that they utilize the "individualized advantage". Unlike conventional school systems, where a child may be admitted to a grade based upon age, students are admitted by performance level, which is ascertained by undergoing a diagnostic test. This test tells our professional educating team the performance level of a child in each subject.
It is not uncommon to find a child more skilled in one area of learning and perhaps lacking in another; even having "learning gaps" -- where a student might have missed an entire key concept essential to his success later on. After being tested, the student is then prescribed a personalized learning plan to help him excel in all areas of his learning. He may continue to progress ahead in subjects he is skilled in, get the help he needs in other areas (filling in any learning gaps), and excel at a rate that works best for him.
With a system that allows a student to learn at his own pace, the motivated student is well-capable of completing a year and a half, and in an exceptional case, twice the amount of school work required for one school year. If the student is ready to progress ahead, there is nothing to prevent him from moving forward, going to the next grade level and beyond, or being held back by the learning rate of his fellow classmates.
Our learning team works one-on-one with each student, ensuring a quality education with no gaps, as GRACE ACADEMY is a mastery-based learning program (a student must master any material before proceeding forward). "F's" are not issued in our program.
After being prescribed a learning plan, the student may begin learning at his own pace using the A.C.E. curriculum system coupled with proper encouragement and motivation through our dedicated staff and incentive programs.


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